LED-Head Light & Fog Light

LED-Head Light & Fog Light

Night-time friends should consider replacing a pair of high-brightness headlights, so that in the dark of the night, enough brightness can help you see all the details of the road. The main purpose of the fog lights is to ensure that the driver's eyes in bad weather, and to ensure that others can see you.

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Car lights

1, LED luminous flux 3000LM, super bright, rain and fog, driving in the night more secure.

2, LED instant start, to overcome the start, overtaking line of sight blind, owners, pedestrians more secure.

3, LED luminous efficiency is high, the efficiency is several times the other lights, power, battery use more long-term, the owner more money, energy saving.

4, LED color temperature easy to control, stable, can keep the lights around the same.

5, LED long life, time is 50,000 hours, the light life of at least 5 years longer.

6, LED to overcome the xenon lamp need to decode the problem, to avoid burning car hidden.

7, LED mercury and other heavy metals, green, energy saving, environmental protection.

This shows that LED relative to the halogen lamp and xenon lamp mainly for the high brightness, long life, more environmentally friendly. Energy saving, environmental protection is the future direction of automotive applications.


The advantages of LED headlamps

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: LED lamp energy consumption for the halogen lamp 1/20

2. Low cost, long life: well-known manufacturers of LED lamp life can reach 100,000 hours, that is basically your car does not move, it is still lit. The following are the same as the "

3. High brightness: brightness is much higher than the halogen lamp, used as a brake light warning light without pressure. The following are the same as the "

4. Low-voltage security: LED The first used for the original electronic only 12V DC voltage can be lit, no longer have to worry about more than 20,000 xenon voltage. The following are the same as the "

5. Instant light: no longer need xenon lamp "and so will be lit", with the point with the use. The following are the same as the "

6. Small size of a single LED: This is the designer's favorite, you can spell a variety of like the way, lighting manufacturers favorite!

From the perspective of scientific and technological progress, it is certainly better than the xenon lamp, xenon lamp is better than halogen headlamps. Car lights like the eyes of the car, you can illuminate the road in front of the night, to ensure the safety and comfort on the way. Owners can according to their own driving habits, and then choose to brighten that part of the car light illumination.

LED-Head Light

Common Specifications:H4、H7

LED-Fog Light

Common Specifications:H8、H11、HB3、HB4、9005、9006、PSX24W、PSX26W