Quality policy

Our advantage

  • Imported original America CREE led chips, light and color purity, high brightness, low heating
  • Both LED chips base board and light body were used high thermal conductivity copper high speed thermal conducting; End of the light used high-efficiency aluminum heat sink and additional with the built-in imported double ball-bearing fan of high speed&longevity, perfect combination of copper and aluminum cooling system, ensured that the light can work safely and stably in its entire lifetime.
  • Perfect inheritance of the traditional optical core design of automobile headlights, combined with our company's latest design of light body, a chieved the perfect use of optical reflection technology, created perfect Light Shape of LED car headlight, we were the first company in the world which the LED car headlight was passed the Light Shape's certification by JAMA
  • Separate, wide range of voltage and intelligent LED driver power, combined with built-in high performance electronic components and the private R&D of automotive decoder, ensured that the power is stable voltage & current and perfect compatible with all low-and high-end brand vehicle.
  • Perfect inheritance of the original setting detent, easy and fast replacement for the original vehicle lamp.
  • New headlight of high beam, low beam and both high and low beam combination, high efficiency photoelectric conversion, Low power consumption and hjgh brightness, it's true green energy-saving LED car headlight.
  • Ten years of rich experience in R&D and production, has experienced a number of specialized technical skills and a contingent of skilled staff team, carefully work, ensure that our quality guarantee!

Quality Control

Quality certification

  • Products & processes are compliant to Euro RoHS directive.

  • Products are certificated by Euro CE.

  • Products are certificated by US ETL.

Tecklite 德光電子科技 品質認證
Tecklite 德光電子科技 品質認證
Tecklite 德光電子科技 品質認證
Tecklite 德光電子科技 品質認證