Participation in 2017 Tokyo International Auto Parts Exhibition (IAAE 2017)


Tecklite participated in the 2017 Tokyo International Auto Parts Show (IAAE), for the automotive LED market layout of the world, look to the future. The annual "Tokyo International Auto Parts and Accessories Show (IAAE)" is the only after-sales service spare parts exhibition in Japan. The exhibition is organized by the Japan Trade Promotion Association (JETRO), Japan Auto Parts Industry Association and Auto Dealers Association. More than one related unit co-sponsored. The exhibition area is 2,493 square meters in 2016. There are 168 exhibitors from Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea. More than 30,000 local professional buyers and importers of steam locomotive spare parts are going to purchase. The best platform for the Japanese auto market. In order to help us to expand the sales of the Japanese auto market, the China Foreign Trade Association (TEDA) is striving for the sole agent of the exhibition and organizing a group to visit the IAAE International Auto Parts Exhibition (IAAE) for market opportunities.